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Better treatments with biological drugs

Published: 18 January 2022

Biological drugs create great opportunities for more accurate healthcare and for new and better treatments for major public diseases such as cancer. Vinnova is investing SEK 45 million in nine innovation projects where researchers, companies and healthcare will collaborate to develop biological drugs and make them available in healthcare.

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The investment will contribute to new biological drugs becoming available for healthcare and thus in the long run for patients by supporting increased collaboration.

- It can contribute to a more accurate healthcare and new treatments for very seriously ill people in major public diseases such as cancer. The investment, together with previous investments, will also strengthen Sweden as a leading country in the development of biological drugs, says Mats Jarekrans, responsible for the announcement at Vinnova.

The projects that receive funding include better treatment for covid-19, cell therapies to heal wounds, advanced therapies to, for example, restore or manufacture tissue and more efficient manufacturing processes for biological drugs.

Nine project receive total funding from Vinnova of SEK 45 million over three years. The investment is made in collaboration with the Swedish Research Council

Project receiving funding:

Treatment for covid-19

Inhaled medicines against covid
Will develop covid drugs with potential to be effective even against mutated viruses.
Led by Treat4Life AB

Cell therapy to heal wounds

New biological treatment for diabetic foot ulcers
The project will develop wound healing treatment first for chronic diabetic foot ulcers and then for other types of chronic wounds.
Led by Omnio AB

New cell therapy for healing leg ulcers
To develop cell therapy for the treatment of patients with difficult-to-heal venous leg ulcers.
Led by Xintela AB

Methods of manufacturing and repairing tissue

Cell therapy to restore donor organs
The project will develop and test cell therapies where stem cells from amniotic fluid are used. In the experiments, damaged lungs should be used and see if they can be restored.
Led by Region Skåne, Skåne University Hospital Lund

Individualized manufacturing of tissue to heal damage to urethra and blood vessels
Will develop treatment of urethral injuries and various vascular diseases by developing new technology for manufacturing tissue.
Led by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Efficient manufacturing processes

Will develop manufacturing of mRNA-based therapies (genetic modification) in research and large biotechnology companies. The Covid-19 pandemic has clearly shown the possibility of using gene transfer in the fight against human diseases.
Led by Region Stockholm, Karolinska Center for Cell Therapy


The project will develop production processes for the manufacture of mRNA drugs, such as vaccines, which are stable even at temperatures of 4 ° C or higher.
Led by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

More efficient production methods in cell therapy
The project will develop the production of stem cells for use in the treatment of several diseases such as heart attacks, strokes and wound healing.
Led by Cellevate AB

Develop manufacturing processes in cell therapy against cancer
The project will simplify processes for the development of cell therapy and thereby make advanced therapies more accessible to cancer patients and strengthen the field of immunooncology in Sweden.
Led by Elicera Therapeutics AB


Mats Jarekrans

Programme Director for Berzelii Centra

+46 8 473 31 85

Last updated 18 January 2022

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