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This is FFI

Developments in road transport and the Swedish automotive industry are of great importance for sustainable growth in Sweden and for a sustainable society. FFI finances research and development activities for approximately SEK 1 billion per year, where the state accounts for half of the funding. The money goes exclusively to research, innovation and development, with a focus on climate, environment and security.

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This is FFI

FFI (Vehicle Strategic, Research and Innovation) is a collaboration between the state (Vinnova, the Swedish Transport Administration and the Swedish Energy Agency) and the automotive industry (Scania CV AB, AB Volvo, Volvo Car Group and the Vehicle Component Group). Cooperation is important.

Genom FFI has built up important knowledge at industry, universities, university colleges and research institutes, and solutions developed within the collaboration have been implemented and accepted by both users and society.

FFI and its partners account for 11% of Sweden's total merchandise exports and for 12% of Swedish industry's investments. At the same time, FFI contributes knowledge to the entire technology industry via academia, institutes and suppliers in several different industrial sectors, and is behind investments that have resulted in Sweden today being a world leader in road safety.

FFI's vision is for Sweden to lead the global transition to sustainable road transport

FFI has so far contributed to this

During the years 2009 - 2019, FFI's funding to society has been extensive. Since the start, 920 completed project have led to almost 500 doctoral and licentiate degrees, as well as just over 2,100 articles in scientific journals. During this FFI's first program period (2009-2019), the collaboration has led to deeper collaboration and consensus, a strengthened competitiveness and relevance in the automotive industry as well as increased competence, knowledge and scientific quality in vehicle strategic research and innovation.

During the period, 159 results from completed FFI- project launched in the market. 141 project results have been used in investigations, permit matters and in political decisions. In addition to this, 584 project results have been transferred to other, advanced project for further development.

Now, at the beginning of the second program period (2021–2030), we are shifting up. In order to meet the sustainability challenges, a total restructuring of the road transport sector and of the automotive industry is needed, and that is why FFI exists.

Board of directors and office

The board of FFI consists of members from both the state and the automotive industry:

  • Malin Persson, Chairman
  • Helene Niklasson, AB Volvo
  • Kristian Abel, Volvo Personvagnar
  • Tony Sandberg, Scania
  • Fredrik Sidahl, FKG
  • Mattias Bergman, BilSweden
  • Peter Engdahl, Swedish Energy Agency
  • Agneta Wargsjö, Swedish Transport Administration
  • Andreas Netz, Vinnova

FFI has its office at Vinnova.


If you have questions about FFI, you are welcome to contact us at the office at Vinnova.

Lena Dalsmyr


+46 8 473 31 61

Linda Svanhed

Programme Manager

+46 8 473 30 65

Last updated 29 December 2021

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