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What is speculative design

Speculative design means using the imagination to gain new perspectives on complex problems and future challenges. Where classic designers often work with form, speculative design touches on the biggest issues in society. The method is used to create a creative discussion about alternative solutions.

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speculative design.png

The picture shows a speculative prototype that represents the future of sustainable manufacturing. It illustrates the idea that the end user can contribute their own energy, time or work in the production of a garment. Three other examples of speculative design are Job ads from the future, Nuclear dialogue and Climate future.

Job ads from the future

Framtidsdesignern Leah Zaidi showed the trends we see now through job postings from the future. She believes that the job of the future will not only be AI and autamtion, but also a fight against climate change, for an equal and just society. Her job ads were

  • Re-creationists. This recreates lost species.
  • Reality rehabilitator. This helps people who are stuck in the virtual world back to reality.
  • Truth Triage. This explains what is true and what is false in a society with fake news and deep fake.
  • Social intelligence engineer. This develops algorithms for creating a socially and emotionally intelligent society with sustainability and justice.
  • Actualized life programmers. This programs your smart home and your technology to help you optimize and realize yourself.
  • Moral coders. This chops our genes so that we become more humane.
  • Forest Feeder. This sacrifices itself to allow the body to function as a host for all small organisms that lack food and habitat in a forest without biodiversity.
  • Extinction Tour Guide. This guides tourists on to see species and places before they are gone forever.

See all ads in original version with explanation

Nuclear Dialogue

Nuclear Dialogue wants to create an open environment for discussing nuclear fission and challenging prevailing perceptions of risk. Participants can participate in a tea party where they are offered an edible, but radioactive, yellow cake. Yellow cake is also called an important ingredient in the preparation of uranium fuel for nuclear reactors.

The form of tea offering and the self-perceived experience of radioactivity enables discussions about the technology and its by-products rather than debate about solutions. The project wants to make concrete proposals on how by-products, mainly excess heat and hot water, can benefit communities living in the vicinity of the reactors.

Climate future

Climate future is a project where the next generation imagines the future climate measures through speculative design. A future scenario was that we (if nothing is done to improve the climate) in urban centers with polluted air may need air stalls. An air booth is a booth with clean air that is on display where the air quality is particularly poor, so that the residents can go in and breathe fresh air.

Last updated 20 January 2022

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