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Emerging innovations

Vinnova conducts active foresight work, where we establish tools and processes to become better at understanding and visualizing a possible future. An important aim is to engage and mobilize actors towards sustainable development. Another important aim is to identify new innovative technologies and working methods - where Sweden's innovation agency can play a role.

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What is foresight?

Foresight is an approach that gives us the power to shape the future - and not just let it happen. It is not about predicting the future, no one can do it, but about working with scenarios about the future based on the knowledge we have today. With their help, we can make the decisions today that shape our tomorrow as we wish.

I Vinnovas's foresight work, we work data-driven and identify patterns based on signals - both from our own reports and applications and through analyzes from other actors in the world who work with signal acquisition and analysis. We also have a qualitative dialogue with actors in the world who are at the forefront of foresight work. In this way, we can see when, for example, changed behaviors, new business models or new services are about to emerge. Based on what is most important for the necessary adjustment we are facing, we select areas where we will create in-depth scenarios.

One way to work with scenarios is future prototypes. Future prototypes can create commitment, help us identify which society we want and accelerate the development towards a more sustainable society.

That is why we work with foresight

The global challenges are great, at the same time as the development of society is accelerating. To be able to make the brave decisions required - tools are needed that can help us understand what awaits in the future. To be able to handle changes and new challenges, Vinnova, just like other actors in the innovation system, needs to become better at understanding the future.

With the help of foresight, Vinnova can make more strategic decisions and be prepared for various possible events in the future, and how to handle them. It is a force we do not use today. Therefore, we want to explore how we as a public authority work best with these tools, and how we can collaborate with other actors to get as much exchange as possible.

Organizations that work with foresight

We are inspired by the following organizations in our foresight work. On their websites you can learn more and get concrete tips on how to work.

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