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Advanced digitalisation - programme for future solutions in Swedish industry

The research and innovation program Advanced digitalisation will give Swedish industry a leading role in the digital solutions of the future. Solutions that strengthen competitiveness and enable and speed up the green transition. The initiators are ABB, Ericsson, Saab, Teknikföretagen and Sweden's innovation agency Vinnova.

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Advanced digitalisation, which started secretly in 2021, is a long-term effort that during the years 2021-2024 will cover around SEK 1 billion. Half of this is public funds and half is co-financing from industry. The open announcements and other activities offered within the program will be aimed at all actors with activities in Sweden - large and small, public and private.

Advanced digital solutions will be developed in Sweden

The program focuses on Swedish industry and the development of the future's advanced, sustainable digital solutions.

Tommy Schönberg is responsible for the program at Vinnova. He explains that it will contribute to making Sweden a country where, in addition to using digital technology in a wise way, we will also become a country where the next generation of advanced digital solutions are developed.

These can be, for example, digital solutions to accelerate the industry's climate change, resource efficiency and a circular economy. The program will also lead to increased competitiveness for the industry operating in Sweden.

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- Swedish industry is in the middle of a digital transformation that will change business operations and enable the solutions needed for a green transition. To increase the pace and strengthen the transformation, long-term investments in strategic research and innovation are needed, says Tommy Schönberg.

Other countries are making ambitious investments in advanced digitalisation and it is important that Sweden does not lag behind, he adds.

- We have therefore begun efforts with open calls in 2021 at the same time as we design the long-term strategy and a roadmap for the program.

Programme under development

Sweden's international attractiveness for the development of advanced services, technology and products needs to be further strengthened, according to the initiators. Work is therefore underway to supplement the investment with three more areas. Within the framework of the current programme, working groups have been formed for the areas of infrastructure, education and collaboration arenas.

There is a need to create an open digital infrastructure for testing, demos and service development in Sweden. The solution will probably consist of new initiatives in combination with collaboration with already existing environments for testing and demonstration in the area of digitization. An important issue that needs to be raised is education, including lifelong learning in the area of Advanced digitalisation and how an efficient arena for systematic dialogue and collaboration is created between various important Swedish digitization initiatives.

A program office for Advanced digitalisation is being built with placement in the industry organization Teknikföretagen.

Advanced digitalisation is proposed to be a sub-program within Kraftsamling for a sustainable digitized Sweden

In January 2021, Vinnova and three other authorities were commissioned to propose the design of a strategic programme to meet and lead in the digital structural transformation in Sweden. In the proposal that was presented, it is proposed that Advanced digitalisation be one of four sub-programs within the initiative.

Gathering strength for a sustainable digitized Sweden


Tommy Schönberg

Programme Manager

+46 8 473 30 30

Last updated 10 December 2021

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