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The strategic innovation programme Bioinnovation

Bioinnovation is based on the strategic innovation agenda "A bio-based economy", which will contribute to increasing Sweden’s competitiveness within the bio-based economy. The aim is that Sweden will have completed the transition to a bio-based economy by 2050. The starting point of the programme is collaboration across industry boundaries, primarily within the forestry, chemistry and textile industries.

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Closed for application

BioInnovation: Hypothesis testing step 1 - Innovative project with higher risk
Closed 6 September 2022

In this the offer, we support innovative, smaller research and innovation projects that address a radical and innovative issue. This means that the newness and uncertainty may be higher than in more traditional project. You can apply for this the offer at any time during the year. The offer has several different application periods.

Hypothesis testing and innovation procurement in the public sector
Closed 6 September 2022

For organizations that want to do an innovation procurement that contributes to the transition to a bio-based economy.

Design for circularity in BioInnovation
Closed 29 March 2022

Funding of project that increase the proportion of bio-based products, components and materials designed for circular flows.

Bioinnovation: Doctoral student and postdoc project for resource-smart industrial processes
Closed 4 May 2021

The call concerns doctoral and postdoctoral and postdoctoral projects in a business research school. The primary purpose is to produce research results for the development of resource efficiency in bio-based industrial processes. The desired effects include strengthened competitiveness through new basic knowledge and increased pace of innovation as well as secured long-term supply of skills in industry and academia.

BioInnovation: Test your hypothesis - step 1, spring 2021
Closed 3 March 2021

In this offer, we support smaller research and innovation projects covering radical and innovative issues. The novelty and risk can be higher than in more traditional projects.

BioInnovation: innovative project with higher risk
Closed 8 September 2020

Do you have an innovative, smaller research and innovation project that deals with a radical and innovative issue within Bioinnovation?

61/5000 BioInnovation: Develop materials with bio-based components
Closed 7 April 2020

We finance projects that want to develop bio-based materials or material systems for circular flows.

Enabling Technologies for Biobased Products - Sweden or Finland
Closed 17 September 2019

We support projects that intend to create the conditions for more bio-based products on the market. Projects in Sweden or Finland.

Samarbete Sverige-Finland: biobaserade produkter
Closed 14 June 2018

För projekt som utvecklar processteg för tillverkning av biobaserade kemikalier och material.

BioInnovation Hypotesprövning vt 2015
Closed 10 March 2015

BioInnovation Hypotesprövning steg 1 vt 2015

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