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Eurostars is part of the European Partnership for Innovative Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Link under the next headline. Eurostars is primarily aimed at innovative SMEs that are part of international projects. You can apply for funding for the development of market-oriented processes, products and services. Through international cooperation, Eurostars provides access to new knowledge, collaborations and opportunities to test new markets.

How does Eurostars work?

Eurostars is an SME-driven programme and cooperation between 36 countries. To be able to apply for Eurostars, the project must consist of at least two participating countries and the project coordinator must be an SME.

See all Eurostars countries

Different countries have different funding and application rules. These rules only apply to project partners from that country. Swedish parties must follow Vinnova's rules for funding and support levels. There are also a number of international formal eligibility requirements that apply to everyone. Participants in a Eurostars project need to verify that each participant meets their national eligibility requirements and that all parties meet the common requirements before applying.

Read the common requirements

On average, it usually opens two offers per year. The consortium submits its project application jointly through Eurostar's website. After a project has submitted its proposal, the proposal goes through an international assessment process. Please note that Vinnova is not involved in the assessment process of the projects. On the other hand, all national financiers are involved and carry out the financial control, and therefore Swedish participants may hear from Vinnova if additional information is required.

If the project is approved for funding, it is the respective country's national financier who pays out funds to that country's participants. For Swedish parties, Vinnova is the financier. Upon approved project, Vinnova will contact Swedish participants to submit a supplementary proposal.

Information on how to apply

Information on the international assessment process

Who can apply?

Eurostars is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises in collaboration with research organizations and the public sector. The project must be coordinated by the company, but large companies, academia and research institutes can also participate.

Read the EU definition of small and large companies on Eurostars website

In addition to complying with Vinnova's general terms and conditions for funding, the Swedish project partners must also meet the following term:

  • Companies must be registered as a Swedish limited liability company
  • Companies must have a place of business in Sweden
  • Activities in the project must be conducted at the Swedish site and the project costs must be borne by the site
  • Companies must be registered for employer's contribution
  • Companies must have submitted at least 2 annual reports to the Swedish Companies Registration Office
  • The most recently registered annual report must show that net sales or equity correspond to at least half of the sum applied for. The applicant ) must be able to present evidence of this on the closing day when the financial control of the projects begins immediately thereafter. Vinnova will contact the Swedish applicants who need to supplement their proposal with more information / documentation.

Vinnova works for an equal social development and views positively project where both women and men take part in the grant and participate actively. We also want to increase the participation of actors who have not applied for international funding before.

What can I apply for funding for?

You can apply for funding for market-oriented research and innovation projects in all areas of technology. Your project must lead to the market introduction of a product, service or process no later than two years after the completion of project. Project life science may make an exception for clinical trials. The projects can last for a maximum of three years and must be a collaboration between at least two Eurostars countries.

How much can I apply for?

Swedish participants can apply for a maximum of SEK 5 million for a project. If the project lacks a Swedish small or medium-sized company, you can apply for a maximum of two million kronor.

  • According to the EU definition, small and medium-sized enterprises can apply for funding for 50 percent of their costs.
  • Large companies can apply for funding for 30 percent of their costs.
  • Universities, university colleges, research institutes or the public sector apply for funding for 70 percent of their costs.

Please note that support levels may vary for other countries' financiers.

Support office for Swedish participants

EU SME Support provides free expert advice and can be a support

  • when formulating your proposal for the first time
  • if you have been rejected and want to apply again
  • if you need support for reporting and audits after fundinghas been granted
  • if you have other questions during the project.

Employees at EU SME Support are located all over Sweden and have broad industry expertise and extensive experience in both business coaching and EU applications. EU SME Support is working on behalf of Vinnova and the Swedish funding for Economic and Regional Growth to get more Swedish SMEs to apply for funding from the EU programs Horizon 2020 and Eurostars.

EU SME Support website for free guidance on EU funding

How to apply

  1. Make sure you are entitled to funding.
    Start by reading Eurostar's national and international rules for participation. Read the criteria on Eureka's website
  2. Contact partners
    Identify and contact international partners. Contact Enterprise Europe Network for support and guidance. They are well established in 67 countries with 3,000 colleagues. Together with 600 partner organizations / partners, they help companies find international business contacts and partners in new markets.
  3. Contact the support office
    Contact the support office for help with how to apply for funding in the best way. The support office provides free help and guidance. You can also contact one of the national contact persons for Eurostars with us at Vinnova. The support office for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to apply for EU funding
  4. Send proposal to EUREKA. Submit your proposal to the EUREKA Eurostars portal. Read how to apply on Eureka's website.
  5. Wait for assessment
    All applications are based on an international evaluation process that takes place in two steps. Read more about the steps for the evaluation process.
  6. Resolution
    Om EUREKAs Secretariat approves your proposal, we will contact you to apply for funding for the Swedish parties with us.

The Eurostars website also has a list of guides for you to apply. There you will find answers to all your questions.

Eurostars list of guides

Read more about Eurostars

Eurostars website

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Eurostars spring 2022
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Funding for small and medium-sized companies for international development of market-oriented solutions.

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Eurostars is aimed primarily at innovative small and medium-sized enterprises involved in international project.

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