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How our import jobs work

At, we import data from several sources. The biggest import job is our open data coming from our own system Effekta via our APIs.

For our open data we run two jobs:

  • the queue job retrieves data from Effekta
  • the update job inserts the data into Episerver

The data is updated every four hours

If someone changes in Effekta, it takes up to four hours before this is added to the queue. It then takes another 40 minutes before it is updated in Episerver.

For example: If an application round is updated in Effekta at 10:20, this will be read to the queue at 12:18 and then updated in Episerver at 12:57.

Times that the job is running

Calls for proposals

Queued 00:04 4:04 8:04 12:04 16:04 20:04
Updated 00:44 4:44 8:44 12:44 16:44 20:44

Application rounds

Queued 00:18 4:18 8:18 12:18 16:18 20:18
Updated 00:57 4:57 8:57 12:57 16:57 20:57


Queued 00:32 4:32 8:32 12:32 16:32 20:32
Updated 1:10 5:10 9:10 13:10 17:10 21:10

Manual runs

It is still possible to force a run manually under Admin by first running the "to-queue job", waiting five minutes and then running the "to-epi-job".

It's also possible to run the import job manually to only retrieve data for a particular reference number. This can be found in the global menu under "Effekta import" and "Hämta om".

Last updated 23 May 2019

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